Design/Build project delivery with Historic Services.
The building is iconic and the interior is spectacular.  This is a good example of a restoration.
his is a good example of a certified historic rehab & adaptive reuse.
This is a good example of a certified historic rehab & adaptive reuse.


Marous Brothers Construction is an award-winning historical restoration, rehabilitation and adaptive reuse construction firm. Our extensive experience gives us a true understanding of the special attention to detail required to preserve historic architecture.  Character defining historic elements help to tell the story of a structure and give it a unique identity.  We are mindful of this when re-engaging spaces to a viable or new use.  Leveraging more than 3 decades of care and craftsmanship, Marous Brothers Construction has set the area standard for what clients expect when choosing a trusted General Contractor, Construction Manager or Design/Builder. We specialize in historic building preservation and restoration. We understand and believe in the value of preserving the beauty of the past and celebrating the grandeur of bygone eras; we will lead you through every aspect of your restoration project so that current and future generations can occupy historic architecture.

With a resident Architectural Historian on-staff, we will assist you in facilitating historical certification, investigation, preparation of documents and aid with other necessary actions to complete the applications for tax credits and charitable donation deductions which certified historic rehabilitation projects are eligible to claim. Whether an historic restoration, rehabilitation, adaptive reuse, or even a new addition to an historic structure, our construction team meticulously plans the work, and, when presented with unusual challenges that are inherent to many historical structures, has the experience to provide creative solutions that streamline construction costs and meet the Secretary of the Interior Standards for Rehab.  We have worked on preservation projects across the region and are familiar with both individual listing and contributing structure designations.  We use our expertise to identify, retain and preserve the inherent beauty and unique detailing of every historic property through careful analysis, a blending of traditional and contemporary technique and, last but certainly not least, quality craftsmanship.

Since Marous Brothers Construction began, we have made many amazing transformations utilizing our skilled craftsmen. The projects below highlight some of the monumental changes we have made through our historic restoration, rehabilitation and reuse services. These before and afters are nothing short of artistic successes.


Preserving historic buildings is essential to understanding our nation’s heritage. In addition, it is an environmentally responsible practice. Through the adaptive reuse of existing structures, building preservation is essentially a recycling program of ‘historic’ proportions.  Existing buildings can often be energy efficient through their use of good ventilation, durable materials, and spatial relationships. An immediate advantage of older buildings is that they already exist; therefore energy is not exerted to demolish a building , to clear a site or to harvest new building materials, and the infrastructure for further development may already be in place. Minor modifications can be made to adapt existing buildings to compatible new uses by upgrading systems to meet modern building requirements and codes. This not only makes good economic sense, but preserves a sense of place and of time.  Historic preservation is an inherently sustainable practice and something we view to be an intrinsic component of whole building design.


“With a number of awards to our credit, we have displayed a proficiency with complex, highly detailed historic preservation construction projects of varying sizes”

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