DiversityInfographic_CWRU2014Marous Brothers Construction is committed to diversity and inclusion on all of our projects. Our commitment extends beyond words and translates into specific action plans. We work with various activists and outreach organizations such as the Black Trades Council, Urban League, Black Contractors Employers Association, Hard Hatted Women, UCIP/ASAP, City Compliance officials, and local trade unions to develop and refine lists of pre-qualified minority and female owned firms from whom we solicit bids on each of our projects.

Our commitment to inclusion and workforce development has been recognized by: Cleveland Mayor Frank G. Jackson, Cleveland City Council, Black Trades Council, local and national chapters of the NAACP, as well as by the United States Department of Labor as a nominee for the EVE (Exemplary Volunteer Efforts) award. As a winner of the prestigious BBB Torch Award for business ethics, the success of our diversity programs weighed heavily in the judges’ decision.

Over the past five (5) years, we have contributed significantly to the local economy by purchasing over $300M in goods and services from vendors and subcontractors headquartered within the Cleveland marketplace. Additionally, workers on our projects in the Cleveland area (including our own self-performing crews) have expended over 2.5M workforce hours, with over 468,000 hours of work performed by minority, female, and/or low income City of Cleveland residents.

The success of our minority inclusion and workforce development initiatives has been well-documented. Additionally, we are proud to gainfully employ many City of Cleveland residents, some of whom are minority and/or low income residents, as well as Participating Area Residents (PAR) who reside within specific low income census tracts. We retain many of our PAR workers as Marous employees long after their original projects have been completed, and we are particularly proud to sponsor these valued employees into the local trade unions. In this way, our minority participation and workforce development programs keep Cleveland dollars within the Cleveland economy.

“Diversity: the art of thinking independently together.”

-Malcolm Stevenson Forbes


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