In 1997 Marous Brothers Construction was awarded $25 Million Project: Otis Terminal Warehouse.

This exciting project entailed renovating and rehabilitating 500,000 square feet of the former Otis Terminal Food Warehouse into 247 upscale apartments and 22,000 square feet of retail/restaurant space. A dramatic 4-story atrium was constructed by cutting through the existing floor structure in the center of the building and sandblasting the original wooden structure for a dramatic effect. The original freight elevators with motors weighing up to 30 tons had to be removed. Openings were made in the existing shafts to allow passage into public corridors as well as into individual apartment units. In addition, five new passenger elevators were installed. Another challenge to this project involved the lowering of a neighboring alley by two stories to allow access to an underground parking garage. The Site Division excavated 3,500 cubic yards of soil in just two weeks to create an access ramp into the parking garage levels. With parking at a premium in this downtown location, the redesign of this space now provides for 195 interior parking spaces.

Best Loft Development in the U.S. • 2001

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