Marous Brothers Construction recognizes that people are our greatest assets. Without the people on our team we could not compete in the marketplace nor be as successful as we are today.

It is our mission to provide a healthy, safe, clean and enjoyable working environment for our associates. We endeavor to achieve our mission by hiring the best employees, setting the highest standards, and embracing a culture of continual improvement

Marous Brothers Construction has developed a comprehensive safety program as part of the ongoing effort to to provide our employees with a safe work place, and to facilitate a zero injury work place that make us a model of efficiency and prevention to be emulated by other companies, both in and out of our industry. The success of our company’s safety program rests on what we call H.E.L.M.E.T.  This campaign facilitates a culture shift to communicate safety awareness thus changing the mindset that working safely not only meets regulatory requirements but is the right thing to do for ourselves, our families and our co-workers. H.E.L.M.E.T. focuses on creating a safe work environment that is enhanced by using incentive programs, awareness collateral, and internal articles to further spread the H.E.L.M.E.T. message “use what your hardhat protects to work safely”.

The foundation of our safety culture rests on the following principles:

• Provide our associates with the training and development necessary to achieve excellent safety performance

• Zero injuries

• Zero loss time accidents

• Zero OSHA or other regulatory deficiencies

• Demonstrate model performance in our industry that all other companies measure against and seek to attain

Our associates are actively involved in national and local organizations that promote safety including Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) on National and Local Levels and OSHA safety certification.


Saftey Flow Chart2


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